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Kevin Fogarty is a contemporary musical theatre composer and lyricist, a recognized commercial songwriter, and an experienced multi-instrumentalist.


A finalist for the John Wallowitch Award, his work has been selected for both the New Voices at CUA Music Festival and the Manhattan Repertory Theatre Summerfest.

His songs have been featured twice by Cutting Edge Composers, a concert series featured at the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF).


His musicals have been produced as readings, full productions, and workshopped by Montgomery Bell Academy and Skyline Theatre.  A member of the BMI Lehman Engel Advanced Workshop, his current projects include music and lyrics for Unbelievable (with composer Rachel DeVore Fogarty and book writer John DeVore), a musical about female baseball pitcher Jackie Mitchell; Southern Harmony, a musical that tells the true story of Bernie Tiede; and as a lyricist, he collaborated with Rachel DeVore Fogarty on the musical A Thousand Faces (book by Eric Lane, directed by Sam Scalamoni) about silent film star Lon Chaney.

As a songwriter and producer, he has written and produced songs for a variety of artists in Nashville and New York in addition to playing drums, bass, keyboards and guitar.  His first solo recording project, Streets and Avenues, was released in 2021.


He operates a recording studio in Queens where he resides with his wife, composer/pianist Rachel DeVore Fogarty.


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Southern Harmony

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